Cotton paints – To return trousers.

Cotton paints Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Abhishek Kumar rai Contact information: Cotton paints Hello!!!! I ordered 3 cotton pants but you send me another formal pants. Those I do not want to use. I am not going to use those pants. So please return my money or send me same thing. Which have More

jagdish foundation – fraud & fake

jagdish foundation Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Mamta Arora Contact information: jagdish foundation they have taken 50k from me saying that i will go n give b.ed exam n get a b.ed certificate but it never since 5-6 yrs passed no reply .in the earlier days they use to say maam we have done More

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Bigsaleweb – Wrong product

Bigsaleweb Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Gaurav kumar Contact information: Bigsaleweb I had ordered shoe from of white colour but insteadof that i got blue shoe with very low quality. I wanted to return it but i can’t reach the site. Order id-QID880 TRACKING ID-1614010046395 ORDER DATE-1/02/2018

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Shopping – Fraud by sending fake products Reviews & Complaints Reported By: flyboyakki Contact information: Hello, I ordered a Domino Android Watch from with order Id 111095 worth rupees 4074 Vide Cash on delievry. Today i received the product Buts its cheap scrap a waste chinese product. Today i mailed them but thy rejwcted. If a proper action is More

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Jewelry & Watches – Delay in delivery mobile phone Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Binod Kumar Saw Contact information: Rajdhanwar, No status of order to buy phone I have paid Rs 1942.86 on 14 march 2017 And order no was 166217031450, for purchase phone on and paid by free charge cc avenue references no. Was 106198107728 But no response by More

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Online Shopping

Finelinesaree – Delivered completely different item and not responding return mail

Finelinesaree Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Rekha kumari Contact information: Finelinesaree Invoice no. WSX19045 I didn’t get the product I’ve ordered and I sent a mail to return it . They are not responding and later they may say that time to return crossed the duration or return. Kindly help

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Clothing, Shoes & Accessories – prepaid product not received yet Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Rishav Raman Tiwary Contact information: I had ordered a saree from on 20th December, 2016 and i had prepaid for the order, but till date i have not received the product nor have i got any further information about the processing of my product. Please see More

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