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Reported By: MelissaKerr7

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Sharaf DG
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I purchased a canon camera lens from your duty free store in Abu Dhabi airport at the beginning of December. I showed the salesman the camera I had and stated that I wanted a lens for distance photos and he assured me that the one I bought was correct. However, the lens doesn’t fit the camera I have and I have been told by a photographer friend that this lens is for closeup photos. The salesman either didn’t care or didn’t know what he was doing. I have been emailing back and forth with them for weeks now with their only response being to return the item. I have stated on many occasions that I am currently travelling round south east Asia for a few months so an extra flight back to Abu Dhabi purely to return this is ridiculous. I have emailed a further 3 times now for a return address so I can post the item back via courier (at my own cost!) and have had no response whatsoever. This is in no way good enough and I feel that they are now ignoring me. Not only is each response increasingly pathetic, there is no response at all now.
I would be appreciative if someone could advise me on what I can do now and for something to be done regarding the appalling customer service received so far.
Melissa Kerr

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