100 best buy non-delivery and cheating

I have purchased 2 packs of Koutons shirts on 17th september and till date no delivery. When enquired they said they have sent something else for a lesser amount on 30th september which also is yet to reach me. They are the bigges 420 guys in the online shopping market and they never answer your call property. If they stand in competiton for the biggest 420, I don’t think anyone else will come a near second to them. they are the biggest cheats in the world. I have purchased from BAG it today, India times, flipkart who are very good guys and I get teh product in 3 or 4 days time. These cheats say that they send something else other than I order and that too they said they have sent on 30th september and it is not received till 14thoctober.

Hello people, do not buy from this 100 best buy and go to site like bagittoday, indian times, filipkart, etc rather than comeing to these biggest 420’s.

My mobile number 9941218693

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