100bestbuy.com – Cheated me in the name of Sony xperia z3 contest

On 9th January 2015 at 12:02 pm I received a call from 100bestbuy.com(+91 8039235800), on the call that executive had told that I had been selected for the monthly prize drawn of Sony z3 mobile. Out of 200 contestants only 20 will get selected prize drawn and I am one among them. For participating on the prize drawn I need to product for cost worth Rs.899, they told that they will sending the shoe which cost Rs.899, We will also provide 50% cash back for this product with Rs.100 discount coupon. He told that I will get these 50% cash back, discount coupon and lucky drawn entry with this Shoe. He had mentioned clearly that if I don’t like the shoe, I can exchange it or get refund. And also he mentioned that if I had selected on lucky drawn that Rs.899 also will be refunded to me.

So I confirmed the purchase by calling a mobile no. which he had told to call. And then I got call from one of the executive who called me and asking confirmation for shirts by asking my shirt size. I told her that I had confirmed order for shoe not for the shirts. Then she asked my shoe size and confirmed the order.

They had not told, what is the shoe make? or brand name? or color? or anything details about the product? I just confirmed the order in the sense of, I can replace or refund in future as per that executives call.

In a next 2 days I received the order and I paid Rs. 899 through COD method. When I open box, I really got shocked, he said just shoe but he sent a boots shoe which is not on my taste and preference. And I had checked the same product their website on 12th January 2015, that product costs only Rs.629. So I called the customer care executive on that day for this issue, told MRP of the product is Rs.899, but today offer price is Rs.629.

So I put a mail to 13th January 2015 by mentioning refund request. There is no response for my mail. So I contacted them through their customer care support number. They told that they will refund the amount only when they receive the product back.

During Govt holidays 14th, 15th and 16th January I cannot able to send courier through India post, so I check with private courier, they told it cost Rs.360 for shipping that product. So before sending courier I asked them confirm, that they will refund the courier charges too? through mail. But there is no reply for my mail. So again I tried to call them many time to getting confirmation from them. They agrees on phone call, but they had not send reply for my mail. I clearly mentioned them on a call to send the mail with written confirmation for future reference. But there is no reply mail from them.

On 17th January 2015, I sent the courier to them through India Post. And sent mail to them to for start processin the refund request, but there is no response from them. I called many times to their customer care number, but no one had replied me properly. And there is no response from them. So I put a mail to all their means such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]. But there is no response from anyone.

Till 21st January there is no response from the 100bestbuy.com, even if I call also there is no proper response. I have waited for 10 to 15 minutes for each and every unresponsive calls. And spent more than Rs.150 for phone calls itself.

On 22nd January 2015 morning, I had called the customer support again for refund process. A executive attended the call, her name is Ragini Sharma, she told that, they didn’t receive any mail from my side to their [email protected]. But I told her that I send mail to info id also on all my mail. So I send all the mail again to [email protected] after the call, and told her to process the refund. And after I send a mail, I called the customer support again for getting confirmation for my mail, but a guy attend the call, his name is Rakesh Singh, He told that all his higher authorities are not on office now at around 11:20am, so he told that he will call me back in few hours with the higher authority for refund process.

But till 23rd Morning I had not received any call from them, so again on 23rd morning I had called them and waited on call for 10 to 15 minutes to get the customer care executive. A guy had attended the call and he told he will refund the amount within a hour as credit points. I asked him thrice, that I can use that credit amount to purchase any product from the website for that amount without restriction on using the credit point amount of Rs. 1100. But they had refunded only Rs.1000 as credit points. Even I asked the executive Ragini Sharma also this question for using the credit points amount. She also confirmed I can use fully to purchase a product without any restrictions.

I already read about their credit point’s usage policy before, that the reason I asked them many time for confirmation using that amount credit points.

Yesterday(29th January 2015) I tried purchase a product from their website, but all the product are out of stock they have only few countable products for sales on their website. So I had selected one product to place the order with the credit point amount of Rs.1000 but its not usable. When I placing order a girl called me to confirm the order, at that I told all this thing and I am trying to buy it with credit points, but I cannot able to buy. She simply says you cannot able to use to credit points fully to purchase a single product or discounted product. But this credit point is not the point which I get as bonus or complimentary for using it partially for many product. This is the digital cash which I paid for them. But she had not listen anything and cutted the call without listening my queries.

After that, I called their customer support number again twice on yesterday evening 5.30pm. My call was on waiting list for 15 minutes twice but no one attended the call and call dropped. So 30 minutes of phone call charges gone without speaking anything.

And On 2nd February, the product which I couriered them back through india post had returned back to me by mentioning there is no such address on Delhi.

On 11th Febraury one of the legal person from 100bestbuy called me and told that they will permission of utilizing the whole credit point to purchase any product with the conditions of that the credit points cannot be used on discounted or offer products.

So i checked their website again for utilising the credit points, i cannot able to use it again, because 90% of products listed on their website are Out of stock. Only 10% of products are in stock, and that 10% products are on discount and offer prices.

So i dont want to waste my time and energy on aruguing with them. I want my Total money of Rs.1079 for product and courier charge back. Kindly help me get back my money from them.

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