100bestbuy.com – Deficieny of service and Wrong production of shipping order

Hello sir, I have been sent a mail of shipping details to me after i purchased Sony i ball online. This mail of shipping details were sent on 24 sept. 2013. And as of till now, 5 oct 2013, 5;30 PM i have not received the article. When i asked the same with 100 bestbuy executive, Dinesh Singh, ID 204, has told me that the article was shippe to me yesterday, that is on 4 oct 2013. My complaint is, when the article is shipped yestarday, how can one send me the deatils of shipping 10 days prior to shipping, that is on 24 sept 2013? For the same I just want the technical clarification along with the false documentation forwarded to me by 100 bestbuy.

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