1167863 (My Flower Tree) – Product was delivered in Awful condition

Reported By: Harpreet Kaur

Contact information:
1167863 (My Flower Tree) Amritsar
My flower tree

I ordered the cake for my brother. First of all, it wasn’t delivered on time. It was 1.5 hours later than the time expected. I paid Rs. 200 extra for fixed-time delivery. The delivery boy made us a fool and purposely made the order delivered even when it was not delivered. Later, he came to deliver the cake, it was in the awful condition that I had to send the cake back. He was just making lame excuses and said he had two orders with him and it was in opposite direction. However, it doesn’t justify that we should accept the messy cake. It was the worst experience I had with my flower tree. My occasion has been ruined. I wasn’t expecting this at all. I need my full refund.

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