Hi All,

Please be aware of Purushottam maheshwari of surface BPO, he is big fraud and taking money for projects and those projects are fake projects. He has been in jail for couple of months already.

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  1. Purushottam Maheshwari

    Hello All Friends
    This is Purushottam Maheshwari Director of Surface BPO. I would like to inform that In our BPO consultancy field there are too much consultant might be possible more than number of centers in that 60% are new. In that consultant group there will be some consultant who dont want to work but they want to spoil other business also. Example Like Satish Sharma , Fertile Technologies etc. I am also agree for my projects , Lets suppose i am outsourcing 20 projects with 4 vendor . One vendor provide me 4 best projects and all that 4 is going good even centers are getting billing also on time , not if that same vendor is providing me 5th project should i check that is genuine or not? so this is happening with us. I am always ready to provide the number of centers who is working for me and they are getting billing also. Overall friends its my humble request dont take any comment as a serious comment for any one not only for me. First satisfy with that comment if you are agree that comment is right then move for cross checking .Then make a result .

  2. Purushottam Maheshwari

    Hello Dear Satish
    If you are commenting here at least prove people that you are right . First of all who is Satish Sharma no one knows you. But if you will ask Purushottam Maheshwari maximum people knows me.
    Now Hello Friends This is Purushottam Maheshwari My email is [email protected] address is – A110 Vidhya Vihar nehru nagar east Bhilai chattishgarh . Contact number is +919981086002 , This is time i ma not shocked because this is happening second time with me , earlier some fertile technolgies comment for me that i am fraud but after 2 month he again type he is doing for some one . Mr Satish if you are genuine provide your details here which i provide for me . And please inform to people in which jail you send me means in which city state. Please provide us full details then people will call to that jail and they will confirm. Its very simple friends this web is open any one can type new story . All knows that now a days i have lots of projects and some one dont want my success . Waiting for your reply Mr Satish.