1supershop – 36″ Blackstone Griddle

Reported By: Frank Williams

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1supershop ?????
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I ordered the griddle on 01/12/01. After I completed the order and went through checkout, I did not receive a confirmation. Today I checked my account and the money has been withdrawn and I still have no acknowledgement. I fired off an email to question them about my order and have not received a reply after 1 week.

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  1. I ordered the grill on 12/30 as of today 1/23 no sight of it. Money is taken out but no grill. Emailed last week no answer! It was for my husband’s 50th b’day. I my so angry. Should have known at that price it was a scam!!!

  2. I ordered 36inch grill on 12/30/2018 have no confirmations # and no grill money was taken the next day!! as of today 1/29/2019 I am stopping payment.

  3. Donald KKoeppen

    I ordered the 36 inch grill on 1/16/2019 and have not received any information on it since. The money was taken on 1/18/2019 from my bank. Please advise…

  4. I ordered the Grill on Jan, 7th.They took the payment out of my account can’t get any answer about shipping.Please advise…

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