Futurewins.co.in – fake advisory

Reported By: Spvnavi

Contact information:
Futurewins.co.in Kerala

It was located in Kerala…All the Details are Showing in Performance Sheet are maximum Fake..Weekly rarely one call will hit target remaining all stop loss.
But they will update as target hit in their Performance Sheet..
If We Call and ask they will reply as it was 5lakh package and we are showing that performance only.But before payment they said it was the tips you will also receive.
For confirmation after payment for your service they force us to send a msg saying that the performance sheet may vary and i will accept it like that…

i am having all audio proof and msg Proof with me..
First i am going to forward a complaint to sebi with all the proof i am having..
If not action taken i will forward it to social media like Facebook, twitter and news channels with complete proof..

So new traders keep away from this company..Its my advice..
Then Your wish…
For any doubt msg me

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  1. Future win performance report is totally fake. After subscription if We want to open the Page we have to enter our telephone to visit the performance report page. subscribed person cannot open the Page with his registered telephone no in future win. The reason is what calls they are giving that is never match the past performance. report.
    Be carefull of this type of fraud companies