Aachho – didn’t receive my order

Reported By: Niyat Chaudhary

Contact information:
aachho jaipur

my order no. 23051, has been placed on 6th September 2020. i have made online payment and as i am tracking it its is getting delayed day by day .moreover all their customer care numbers are switched off. i need to get some response from them. this is the least professionalism expected from them. all 4 customer care numbers are switched off moreover i have emailed them thrice but i didn’t get any response. This is not the way to work, they should be answerable to customers especially when the prepaid payment is made. This is whole looking like A FRAUD and scam, they should be held responsible for this or if they don’t want to deliver the order they should just refund the amount . this much of maturity is expected from them as they are running such a big name with a full branding and all i think they know how all of it is suppose to work, if customers are unhappy then no one can save them.

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* Go to page
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