Amazon – Amazon is willingly holding my account against me, and I’ve paid for Prime twice!

Reported By: Lacie Enlow

Contact information:
Amazon Seattle

For starters my account is closed, they had me go through this process of “providing the necessary information,” and then after 3 attempts, I was cancelled. It was closed by an Amazon Specialist, if that tells you anything, then, now, I have to go get this card, that will supposably, keep hackers out, they scammed me, and are not taking responsibility, I had 100 in my account, and then was cancelled, they won’t refund any of the money, I haven’t seen it. I’ve been told that “People like me, are the reason why Jeff Bazos has to put 2FA on people’s accounts,” which is verbal abuse, he steps down, all of this happens, he leaves his own company, that he started, all of this is going on, and I’m talking to people on the side for 3 days, I’m not coming back, you know what you’re doing, I’ve paid you for Prime twice, and it got shut off, I’m not doing this again, “If you go get this card, then you would have $200, the point being, they know what they’re doing. You hate your job, and because you hate your job, your verbally abusing me, which is not what I signed up for, at all, they’re abusing their power, someone else, has my information, and your refusing to do a your job, it’s “Once I do this, you’ll have your account back, promise, just trust me,” when the reality is, you closed it, own up, take some accountability, you closed someone’s account, while actively paying for Prime, I didn’t do anything, you just hate your life, and you’re taking it out on me, If you closed it, you can open it. “People like me are why, Jeff Bazos has to put 2FA on people’s accounts,” when you’re cancelling my items, and hate your job, when they were paid in full. 2 months’ worth of items, never came to my house, because you cancelled them, they’re sitting in my inbox, in my email, that I check, often. Your scamming people, and it’s fun for you. And I even said, “I’ve had Prime before my mother,” “The only reason I had it, was for my dog, because that’s how he’s good during the day, how do I go from $100 to .70? Because you’re scamming me, I don’t blame you, because you hate your job, I move on with my life, I don’t have an Amazon account, I move on with my life, I don’t intentionally cancel someone, having paid for Prime twice! Jeff left his own company! You have Amazon workers, throwing boxes, on people’s front porches, “Well if you worked here, you would know,” that’s not an excuse. Quit. My Amazon account is closed, due to verbal abuse, hate your job, but don’t hate someone that’s paid you twice, and both times, my service has been shut off. “You gave out your information,” How do I give out my information, when my account is closed? Hate your life, but don’t cancel someone who actively paid you. Hate your life, but you’re getting money, you still have a job, because I paid you. You still have a job, because I order, don’t be rude, just because you can, Amazon will be a thing of the past, if they keep it up. If “People like me are the reason you have to put 2FA on people’s accounts,” Why are you continuing to talk to me for 3 days? Because you know, you shouldn’t have done that.


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