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Reported By: Hasina Ahmed

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I am a disappointed customer. I realized lately that the company is a scam, a tricky trade to loot innocent people attracting them by giving false promises. Initially they guide you how to go about it, and give you a small commission. Later they will ask to deposit USDT 50 (lowest) and proceed with the tasks. The system will not allow you to complete all 20 quest tasks. After completion of every five tasks, the system will go on hold asking to recharge more. I recharged thrice till USDT 1000 which I was able to complete only 15 tasks. The target was to complete 20 tasks to take your commission. The amount the system required to proceed on completion of 15 tasks was USDT 958??? But no hopes that the tasks will be completed.i lost my hard earned money. Is there any way to recover the amount that I have invested. Appreciate your assistance.


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