– Horrible Amazon customer service, shipping

I would like to share my experience about Amazon. Have been an online buyer for few years. I have purchased small to large electronic goods from Amazon and had confidence in them. But my recent experience had been bitter which prompted me to cancel all open orders with Amazon. (1) Pathetic shipping process- no time commitment, respect for customer’s time, courier person fooling around. (2) Horrible customer service – (a) I am enquiring about a cashback with complete order details while customer service person is giving resolution for another order cancellation status. (b) They want me to provide bank statement to investigate whether I have received cashback or not but won’t provide the cashback amount and transaction reference# so I can check my account statement or call bank. (c) I am asking for an escalation contact and here is the response – “We can’t escalate this issue to our billing team until unless you provide the bank statement. That’s why we are asking you for bank statement. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I request you to please provide us the bank statement. I’m sorry, but we can’t offer any additional insight or action on this matter unless you provide us the bank statement”. So now this is a dead end with Amazon, no escalation point beyond regular customer service. (d) Estimated shipment was showing two weeks from order date, but when I wrote an email after a week they arranged shipment on the same day, who has the time to regularly check and follow up with customer service to get products delivered…btw it was a cooler which I needed urgently, two weeks for shipment???? I think this is 3/4 years back condition (e) I had cancelled order but refund was never initiated, almost 7K, I had to check, follow up after which Amazon initiated the refund process. Long story short, although Amazon is a big brand, you cannot blindly rely on them. You experience dealing with Amazon somewhere down the line will be frustrating. I have stopped buying from Amazon. In general shipping/receiving delivery is a pain for online orders especially if you are the only person to receive the delivery.

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