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Amazon Mall System UK

I got scammed buy this system I started with $200 and when I noticed I had more than $10000. I completed all the tasks with lots of sacrifice and even managed to do hidden tasks that appeared and were not expected and at the end when I finally managed to get all those tasks done when I put the address of my kucoin account to do the withdrawal, the withdrawal said successful. Although I waited patiently for my money to enter in my wallet and after a few minutes my money hasn’t arrived so I contacted them and the guy that I was dealing with sent me to the finance department and they say because the company is in uk I have to pay tax to a mall system asking me almost $3500. I argued with him making him understand that if I have to pay is to HMRC or even to my country not to a mall system. I am so mad with this. Asked for my money back or to discount the taxes and send me the difference and they say they can’t give it cause its in the tax system and because they are third party they can’t do anything. Curious is that the guy even sent me a screenshot of his ID card…. probably fake, who knows with the address of the company as he says 1 principal place, worship st, London, EC2A 2FA United Kingdom. So… What should I do to recover my money? Or, is it possible to recover my money? And how is it possible for them to access the money, cause when I transferred the money I used my wallet address? Can someone help?

How to file a complaint against Amazon Mall System?

* Go to page
* Write Amazon Mall System in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Amazon Mall System.

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