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Not returning my money. They told me after completing the 2nd level of order they will return my invested money along with commission. But after that also they insisted me to top up. In this way I invested about 1 lakh rupees. But even after that, they are again telling to top up more and not allowing to withdraw money. The contact persons mobile no is 7842341729 who insisted me to do these.When there was a balance of Rs 20000 it was told that all tasks are complete. But then told as I have delayed, I have to complete more tasks. In this way, I had to top up about 1 lakh rupees to complete the orders as per their requirements and to get back my money. But now, their website is also not opening. Now even after messaging through whatsapp no 7842341729 also not replying. They gave a certificate showing the authenticity of their company. They were also tellinng that they are working on behalf of FM marketing company. In this way they have cheated my one lakh rupees. Now I want to get back my money at any costto the number

A person with phone number 7842341729 claimed as HR of FM marketing a part of Amazon asked me to work from home by completing different orders. I started with Rs 200. They returned Rs 366. After that they asked me to recharge for Rs. 2700, 4200 and so on… In this way the recharge amount moved up higher to higher. Ultimately I have recharged Rs 1 lakh. Even after that they are telling more orders to be completed and more recharge to be made. But as I have no more money, I stopped and requested them to return myoney. But they are not returning. Moreover the website www.sooax. com is also not opening now and the phone no is also not responding. I have lost my 1 lakh rupees. If anyone can help me… Please I want help to get back my money.


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* Go to page
* Write Amazon marketing in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Amazon marketing.

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