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Reported By: Owoseni Michael Ayodele

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It all started July 15, 2023. I received a message on my Whatsapp from an unknown number to start an online part-time job and earn between 3000-300000 monthly. I was sent a link to the site tag to register and I did. I was given a startup capital of 500 and was told to recharge an acct on the site. For a starter, I recharge the lowest amount of 1000. I was given task to complete by submitting orders and was to receive commission. My 1st and 2nd trial was a success. I was able to withdraw and was credited after some hours. I thought I should give it a 3rd trial and after withdrawal I should stop not knowing that I’ll be scammed. I recharge the 3rd time 5000 firstly, I was given 16 orders to submit. After submitting 5 orders, I was told to recharge 11033 to continue completing order, I borrow loan and recharge again. After the 10th order was completed, I was trying to submit 11th order and they said I should recharge again 32579 to complete the remaining order. I contact my telegram receptionist that I was working with. She said I have to recharge again before I can complete the remaining order and apply for withdrawal. I came to my senses to do some research about the site. I discover a witness that posted the same experience and how he lost his money. Pls be beware of these online jobs. They re all scammers.

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* Go to page
* Write Amazon in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Amazon.

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