Amazon – UPS driver took wrong package and put the wrong label on a package

Reported By: michelle zavaleta

Contact information:
amazon Indianapolis IN 46231

I had a zflip 3 phone going out for repair to samsung and my son had a phone case going out to be returned to amazon. The ups driver took the zflip 3 phone put the label to the phone case on the phone package and my phone was delivered to Amazon in place of the phone case which was never picked up. So amazon recieved my phone and issued my son a refund. and my phone is now lost at the amazon return center at 710 south girl school rd indianapolis in. 46231. Needless to say Ive been without a phone since 6/13/22 no one at amazon has been able to locate the phone. ups tried refunding Samsung but bc the ups driver didnt use the samsung label they cannot accept the refund. Amazon and ups need to correspond to get the matter resolved but im being told nothing.


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