amazon/adidas nitrocharge 3.0 mens 11 uk – repeatedltly cheated 3 times

i ordered for 1 football shoes through amazon more than 2 times.and the product has been not reached yet
1) 1st time in the amazon site in size of boot they shown that 11c uk.actually this division 11c is not in uk soze chart.and i got a product which is of children i am an hostelite students were teased me i am taller guy of 11 mens size they gave me child size.its got after waiting of 7 days.and i returned that product.
2)one more time i ordered for the same product and the product has been reached manglore courier service of amazons itself.and without further notice it has been returned by courier because of some technical problem
.i was waited for that one 8 days more
3) 3rd time i ordered for the same product and they promised me they will delivered within 3 days.and i ordered for the seems after 2 days they were not packed also

note:i waited for 1 product more than 16 days.and they are not giving proper reasons.they were not taking any responsibility.
my Order # 404-4697777-0885111

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