Americal Express Bank – Credit Card Fraud

Reported By: Sanjay Kumar

Contact information:
Americal Express Bank

I am holding American Express Card Gold Card ” 3744 310573 83007″ . My wife also Holding supplementary card under the same card. My wife received a call from “American express” agent about a requirement of “Heath Insurance” if we have? My wife told over phone to agent that yes we have a requirement of health insurance but I need to check with my husband about the same. Based on this half confirmation, American express agent did the transaction on her supplementary card. Later after one week she got a call from Bharti AXA to conduct a medical check up. She denied to them to go for any medical check up. Later after one week of that she got a call from ICICI Lombard that madam we want to send your health policy documents , please confirm the address. When she asked who bought this insurance from you , They said that it is through American express. She denied for accepting that policy. Than I was informed, I called American express customer care to cancel the policy. They asked reason , I told them that we don’t want any policy from ICICI LOMABRD. They said , fine , we will cancel the policy and refund your money.

After that since January , till today ” 15/05/2019. we are getting fake promises to solve the issue. Customer care executive always tell us that matter has been highlighted to seniors and it will be resolved. Every they are telling that next week , tomorrow , after some time it will be solved. But in account they keep on adding penalties for the same. Card is blocked to use since 4 months. Now they have annual fees on top of this and cancelled the account. Total outstanding with ” Health insurance + Delay payment fess + Annual fees is “INR-55150”.

We already got email from ICICI Lombard that your policy is cancelled and your refund will be processed .

Kindly seeking your help as bank is not giving any proof to us to keep the record of all our request, they are just dictating the amount and we are no where else to seek help from.

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