Amount with drawn from Debit Card

I Rajalakshmi having a SB account no: 20174267321 in SBI Rajajinagar Industrial Estate was cheated by some by misusing my debitcard and the following 3 transaction were been made in 30-Aug-2013(30-Aug-2013) POS 201318650777 SBIPG for Rs. 10,112.36, 30-Aug-2013(30-Aug-2013) POS 201318650346 SBIPG for Rs. 10,112.36, and 31-Aug-2013(31-Aug-2013) POS 324279872430 BHARTI AIRTEL LIMITED MUMBAI 2,000.00. I request to kindly look into the matter and help me to get refund against the fraud transactions happened by other in my account. Once again i request you to kindly get my refund.


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