Amsi atelier – Fraud Company and Fraud Owner

Reported By: Ssamir

Contact information: Bangalore

This company Amsi Atelier is the biggest online fraud i have come across. Worst still is the owner girish. Highly irresponsible and arrogant. It will be the biggest mistake to buy from them. Everyone is facing the same problem from this company. They take payment and dont deliver. Girish continues to lie every second as if it is his birth right. He has no shame before speaking lies. I doubt they have any products. Its a fraud. I will be filing a complaint with bangalore police soon.

They have defrauded me and harrasing for delivery since 5 months.



How to file a complaint against amsi atelier?

* Go to page
* Write amsi atelier in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from amsi atelier.

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  1. how can these guys be so shameless……..girish thinks his company is doing very well and he has a lot of happy customers….if that is the fact then i challenge him to open his instagram account for public comments….he has blocked comments because all his frauds are exposed there by customers……

    worst company ever……i doubt he has ever delivered any products….just take money and run away


  2. and this girish fellow has spoken lies again. again he has given a new commitment date for delivery. when you ask him for dispatch details he shouts and hangs up the phone.

    The chronology of my worst experience is as follows:
    1. I ordered a akola bench for around 30,000 in November 2023
    2. He promised delivery in 20 days. Since he promised delivery in 20 days, i paid him the full amount.
    3. After 20 days i followed up with the owner. He said it will be delivered in 7 days max.
    4. Again i followed up. He kept on giving false assurances.
    5. He has given 7 false delivery commitments. All lies. He lies so much that he has told me multiple times since 3 months that the product is dispatched.
    6. The new commitment date was today i.e.27.04.2024. Again it was a lie.
    7. Now he says product will reach by monday i.e. 29.04.2024 (hope its not a new lie by girish)
    8. I will continue to write in detail here the whole sequence of events till my product is delivered.

    Such fraud and lies of online sellers should be exposed so that amsi atelier does not fool and trap new customers with their good looking advertisements.

    1. 9. In continuation with my earlier post, today again the commitment date failed. this is the 8th false commitment he had given.
      10. No phone or information from that girish fellow. Looking for other customers whom he has cheated so that we can file a collective cyber fraud complaint against girish and amsi atelier.