Ananymous – Fraud

Friends simply posting comments on different websites it will not help us to get our money back.
keshav fraud and 420 JDS MP candidate misusing the court and police station.
Friends fraud keshav and his fraud employees not bothered about our money.Around 200 consumer cases on him ,100s of cases against on him in high ground and various police stations.To get our money back only thing is that we have to file criminal FIR on him.Do not hire any lawyer because if you hire a lawyer keshav lawyers will contact your lawyers and they do deal out of court.Many cases have been done like that and still this fraud and 420 is doing it.So that is the reason he is not afraid. 1000s of people cheated by this fraud .friends let us join together and see this fraud MP JDS candidate should arrest and behind the bar like venkateshwara developers.

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  1. Hi,
    I am also one of the victim of this fraud. If there is any plan to join hands to fight against this cheating, please involve me.