Anju tutors and placement agency – Fraud by maid agency

Anju tutors and placement agency which provides with domestic maid are just fraud, on asking for maid,within an hour they reached my house and taken 25000 Rs as registration charges and provided me with an old maid next day and taken another Rs 5000 as one month’s advance money of the maid. I was not satisfied with the maid work as she was old and very arguementative, I requested for a change which they promised me at the time of registration if I am not satisfied. When the maid went for a leave for 3-4 days on 2nd October after a big fight over money, I told the agency to send another maid,but till date they have only made false promises that they will be sending maid today,tomorrow but till date no maid is sent by them. Please beware of this agency….

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  1. Floret enterprises govindpuri is a faud ma8d agency.They take advance provide a characterless maid.When u ask them to tk her back ygey they say that will return your money in 2 days.Then they never give back the money.It should be blacklisted.