Anju Tutors and placement Services, 38, Mohammadpur,Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi – Fraud Placement Agency: Never Never give Advance Money to Them

I am a suffering in the Hands of M/S Anju Tutors & Placments. They are the Bunch of Cheat People including the Owner. I collected their Contact No. from Just Dial and called them to Provide a Maid. They Explained me about the Terms & Conditions, to Which i readily Agreed as i needed a Maid for taking Care of my 2 and Half Yr. Old Kid. I Paid them Rs. 3000 as Advance which they Said will be “REFUNDABLE” in Case they are not Able to Provide me Maid. They Promised that they will send the Maid Within 2 Days. It has been More than a month Now .Neither they provided Me the Maid nor they are Ready to Return the Money. People, i Will tell you their Polices. They have some 5-6 Telephone Nos. Running and they keep Rotating them among themselves for a week or so. For Example, if you have talked to some person ( i will tell you Entire Gang’s Name: Rahul, Ajeet, Pradip, Sahil, Sonu, Rajesh, Akhilesh, Chandan etc., ) today, Next day when you call on the Same No., you will Never Find the Same Person on the other side. Whatever Promises (False) one Person makes for a Day, Next Day it is completely Washed out. So, this New Person will make again New (False) Promise and it keeps going on. I guess, they are Running their Placement Agency by Cheating People only. I Request all the People to be carefull from this placement Agency. I am planning to seek some Legal Help to tackle this Placement Agency so that people may not need to suffer in Future. Thanks

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  1. Dear All,

    We hired a maid from Anju Placements about 6 months ago who started cribbing the next day she arrived at our residence…so we contacted the agency to replace the maid as she was not comfortable working as she told us that the agency guys had brought her against her will and she didn’t want to work, and wanted to go back home…to which they said they will replace with another maid as she is missing her family and wants to go back home to visit them…

    We kept on waiting and calling them for updates, but as usual nothing. Then after lot of calls and beating our head against the wall and with no solution to the problem foreseen in the near future, we mutually decided and declared that Anju Placements would return the money they had acquired from us (which was 25k) keeping an amount for the “SERVICES” provided… we agreed to that as well.

    But even after 6 months they have been procrastinating the balance payment due towards us and kept giving excuses to us and dates that would never come.

    We feel we’ve been cheated by the Anju Placement agency and have been suffering for this “DISEASE” for more than 6 months…and now this is too much to digest and therefore we’ve decided to file a case against Anju Placement Agency in the police tomorrow itself…

    They have been taking us (speaking on behalf of many more as mentioned in the post above plus the one’s that didn’t get to mention their grief here) for a ride thinking they are above the law and nobody would be able to touch them and wouldn’t be able to do anything against them.

    Please do contact us if you want to support us against this fraud agency in the police complaint and bring this fraudulent people/agency to justice/STOP…

    This would require your support and little of your precious time as we’ve decided that this kind of behavior should and can’t be allowed to continue AT ALL!!

    Requesting everybody to support us via email us their info so that we can get in touch with you personally… our email address is:

    Looking forward for everybody’s cooperation and making agencies like this extinct…hopefully, just like dinosaurs!!

    Do let us know if you are interested in supporting us in filing a complaint or would you just like to support our movement and also share your thoughts an views on the matter with us.

    Also if you would like to speak to me directly, do indicate the same in your email on and leave you contact information in the same email.

    Warm Regards,