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Reported By: Sreesubha

Contact information:
Anutamaya official Tilaknagar

I had ordered products worth 2400 rs from this Instagram business account. I had ordered these products to receive by 13th March. But by mistake (a typo) I mentioned April 13th. However the package was sent by ordinary post from tilak nagar to Kerala. It was sent on 12th March and no update was received from postage tracking after a few days. They asked me to go to post office in my place and check. They said it has reached Nagpur and will take another 10 days to get it available at Kerala. Finally I got it on 27th. Remember it’s a prepaid order and took 15 days to deliver. They said it’s because I said the order is needed only on April 13th they sent it ordinary post. In between lied me also saying it’s sent by Air. This I also kep quiet as there is a mistake on my part as well.

Now the package was opened and to my surprise the tags said XL whereas I ordered XXL. When I informed they said you better measure and see it’s 42″. I thought may be they are right. I went home and measured. All the dresses are or different sizes (38″, 40″ and another 39″). Nothing was 42″. Another halter neck top was XXL labelled and it was a good fit for me. I informed this to the business with pictures as evidence. Instantly they blocked me in Instagram and left with no solution.

I had asked for a broader strap and the one they sent was 1″. I expected a much broader strap and they claimed then it is not camitop it is tunic. They were trying to teach me fashion. I understood it’s of no use speaking to such people and agreed okay let’s leave this. To my alas the straps of 3 camitops were also different in size.

I was ready to leave this matter considering them as a small business owner. But I went to their page through my other Instagram account and checked and found their attitude with so much bad remarks. The attitude of them leaving me blocked and non responsive prompts me to take time (even in my busy schedule) to write a complaint just to make them understand that such sellers should value and consider their customer’s hard earned money. These days money won’t grow simply.

They have blocked me without saying anything. Not even a sorry even after me sharing the measurements with the tape on it as proof. A simple sorry would have solved my issue. I had clearly mentioned I don’t need refund. But they need to understand my order was not satisfactorily delivered and accepted.

Requesting you to take an adequate action against this please.

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* Go to page
* Write Anutamaya official in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Anutamaya official.

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