– Theft

Reported By: Raymond

Contact information: Israel

صباح الخير
I help the platform promote products to earn commissions, but I don’t have a lot of hardware, so I need you to log in to my account to help me complete the task, it only takes 20 minutes a day, I will pay you 5 USD
This how the issue of trying to raise my income by extra online job that might help me with my expenses …
Yes I started a week later my inviter asked me to join the platform to raise my income … it was only 300 US Dollars and I can do both commissions … next day I have stuck with much bigger account because I did not ask for a fixed tasks … it was 2500 I did all what I can do to raise funds to try to withdraw my money … but, in the same mall I receive d a greater amount of 3500 where I had a Loan from my bank to complete the task … parallel to my job with my inviter … next day I could not withdraw before meeting the target of the day so I have to go to the mall and have more tasks were I had one with 8500 and it was repeated by the CS solve the funds problem yourself to be able to withdraw continuously for almost ten days and my inviter said that she can help me with 1000 only and there is no way to withdraw before completing the task it is a must to complete the task to withdraw … but, some days after normal work to be done for my inviter she told me that she successfully recharge so I can do her tasks, I opened her account and surprisingly the plateform get the pending task from my account and at the same minute I had received the message on the plate form that the task was paid successfully …
At the end the CS blocked my account and want to sue me because of theft and as well my inviter wants her money back around 5000 US while all the mine can be seen on the plate form … I did no do any transfer or whatever but now they are asking me to return the money and complete the task which was over 22000 US to be able to withdraw ….
I want my money back to pay the loan and to have some rest … I can not sleep I am in deep loans and can not afford to pay more … this is I big issue

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