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Reported By: DKboss

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Apollo e-kart

Request to STAY Away from Apollo E-Kart website and their SPAM people. They contact you and lure you to offer an exclusive deals at 1/3rd of price and ask u to pay by Bank transfer. they even offer cash back and may give it too. rest assured that they will never ship a product as they don’t have any. Subsequently plan B starts where they will ask you to participate in contest with some money deposit- promise to refund ( Again, yes !). You deposit it and then there is good news.. you won 10 lakh rupees. Then next, to claim the same you have to pay 18% GST on that amount, so you have to deposit 1.8Lakh in their bank.

In nut shell, you only pays to them
1. for the product u buy-> which will never come to you
2. Contest money–> refundable – My foot !
3. pay GST 18%- R u joking.. GST on Price money.

All your money goes in vain and these bloody Apollo team enjoys the same and never have aguts to reply or take any phone call.

This email id: customercare@apolloekart.com, apolloekaart@gmail.com, sales@apolloekart.com.
Mobile no: 70659 22538

They took Rs 2,50,000 from me and now not even bother to respond.Pl try the above numbers for proof.

My only request to this group is to make them famous and spread this in such a way that they do not ever dare to do such cheap act and at least no new person get cheated with the same.

Am already filing FIR for this cheat company


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