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Air Bulge in Apollo Tyres Complaint

In spite of several complaints on phone since my 10000 KMs service, Hyundai India, Bangalore, KR Puram, never took care of the concerns with Apollo Tyre that comes with i20 Cars.
Have mentioned several time that there is an Air Bulge on couple of Tyre in my car and none took immediate and serious action when my life was on risk.

Now, yesterday morning I met with an accident at Hubli- Kolar Road, where in the Front left Tube Less tyre might have burst as it was FLAT found later, due to which car lost control at a speed of 70 KM per hour and it ran down the road on down the road and slipped, car flipped and slashed down across the road upside down hitting the trees from the side.
We were four and two sitting at the back seat are injured two in front are safe. We all four luckily escaped death are still alive.
Apollo Tyre Complaint# 481239

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