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Reported By: vishiial dharmadhiukari

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Recently I purchased software from
I paid 25$ and got the license key for the software,
for using the software I had to buy some numbers for phone verification.
the software didn’t work as shown in the demo video so I asked them for a refund so they said they’ll return the money in 36 hrs so I waited for 3 days and after that when I visited their website they blocked my IP from the live chat, I can’t see the live chat option so I visited the website from another account and asked them still got no response so I raised a dispute in Paypal for refund and visited their website and asked them for the refund, they said you acted over-smart by creating a dispute case we are going to lose a lot of money now do whatever you want we won’t refund the money close the case or get the money so I closed the PayPal case and told them to initiate my refund they said we’ll send you tomorrow morning Russian time its 2nd day I can’t see chat option on their website for me.
can anyone help mere here, please?

Seller information – Neel’s Corporate

Please help me get my money.

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  1. I brought it after seeing someone recommend it on Quora a few weeks ago. Honestly, I’m quite satisfied with this software so far. It makes it easy to create and manage multiple accounts and tasks.

    I am also doing marketing and I used their accounts creator tool to help me create bulk accounts. That’s amazing. It works very well. Useful tools constantly updated. I definitely recommend

    I certify that this review is based on my own experience and that I am in no way affiliated with this business, and have not been offered any incentive or payment from the business to write this review.

  2. These are some fake reviews just to take down the competitor’s business.
    If you are selling a similar software like this then the next one would post the same fake review to take down your business, makes sense, right?
    Internet is the free world so anyone can post anything but not always true, so think wisely and smartly and make your own choice.