Aramex – Delivery delayed

Hello, I’m from Agartala,Tripura,India. I ordered a video game from on 3rd August. My shipment reached kolkata on 12th August. Well from Agartala to Kolkata it takes 45 mins by airways, 2-3 days by train & 5-6 days by roadways. Today is 25th August even after 13 days I haven’t recieved it. I have even send them e-mail 2 times regarding this issue. But that doesn’t do any effect at all. All they do is send me a e-mail saying thank you for contacting us your request has been to the concerned team & they will assist you as soon as possible. Hello..This is not helping me because I’m still in the same position, I have no idea where my shipment is, I don’t know should I do a refund or wait for my shipment. They could have atleast told me that for this this this reason your shipment would be delayed and it will reach to you at this date or If they can’t send me my shipment then they could have told me that for this this this reason they can’t deliver the shipment so better do a refund or something like that. Anyways my awb no is 3748658421. If anyone know what to do please do comment.

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