GARRY PICKENS, ADAM CHARLES, BIG FRAUDS COMPANY NAME: Ardea Voice, whose registered office locate at 3175 Dandenong Victoria, Australia. OPERATORS : GARRY PICKENS skype id: garry.pickens; email id: ADAM CHARLES skype id: adamcharles3 email id: took 40, 060 INR to provide us a process and once they took the money started delaying the process to go live by daily issues such as I was not well, so i didn’t go to office; i will be going late; my server is down; I have changed the server; i met with an accident like such stuffs…making you ask for the refund. Then will tell you he processed the refund…which you will not receive ever; then would be waiting for you to get furious and the moment you ask strictly for refund; will say that as you have asked strictly and have said to complaint against him on social websites; so he will never refund you. Writes abuses to you and never refund the money. Just beware of these fraudsters…they claim from australia & cyprus; but they are one of those cheap Indians who cheat their brothers & sisters only. Please refer their pictures as per the attachment. GARRY PICKENS, ADAM CHARLES, BIG FRAUDS


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  1. yes. these two guys are FRAUDS. don’t trust and don’t waste your money.

    i am trying to find where these guys. no worries soon we will catch these people.

  2. Anupam Shrivastava

    thank you guys…i was talking to him and saw your post. saved me. thank you again.

    also be careful with few other guys,
    Allah Baksh

    from karnatak , bangalore, their company is called AN COMPUTERS, big time frauds…
    they have to to pay me over Rs3lacks