Ascent ITES Pvt Ltd – This is Fake Company

Hi Friends….
I strictly want to tell u that Ascent ITES pvt ltd is fake company. It is not take proper interview from candidate… so don’t misguide…After interview they demand for money as 15000 k…and then I will give u offer letter………………

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  1. I agree that This is a Fake Company.
    Compnay’s HR Manpreeet has make a fake account and posted above comment with name gautam.
    I have also paid 15k to company…and at money paid time i asked that what will be my salary after completion of training..she said it will be around 10-12k per month. and when i completed my training dey said you will get only 3000 per month.
    I have left that company.

  2. Its fake company, I also Given Interview there and they told me ..U need to pay rs 15000 then we ll give u training and after we ll try to place u here.
    fake and Fuddu company… Don’t go there, its just wastage your valuable time

  3. this is a fake company because they demand for money. This is the biggest proof.
    I think GAUTAM is a member of this company that is why his comment is positive.

    Some more fake companies
    Contentra technology, okhla, delhi

    for more, contact me at [email protected]


  4. My name is Gautam and I took the training and paid Rs. 15000 for the Real Time Projects and Now I have got the Job Successfully. I am getting the salary in time and happy with Ascent ITes Pvt. Ltd. I have got the Appointment Letter, Bank Accounts, ID Card everything. You may mail me at [email protected]