Assistocareer – Suspicious call for ‘pay first, services later’

Reported By: msgforsandy

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So guy ‘x’ calls me, and makes me speak to Recruitment head – Siddharth. ‘Hello Sir! We have vacancies for you and many recruiters have shown interest in your profile. But first you will have to pay 6K as registration and then only we can proceed with the interview. I told him to share more details about the vacancies, to which he said, registration fee is kind of mandatory to pay first. I was suspicious right from the start, the way he shared information about vacancies. On asking where the location of vacancy, pat came the reply: ”LONDON Sir… LONDON”.

On asking again to share more details about the JD, he said ‘let me discuss with team if it’s possible and ended the call abruptly.’ I could sense the frustration of not agreeing to pay on call in his tone.

However, since the call was ended abruptly, I don’t think I need to wait for ‘let me check with my team if sharing JD is possbile’.

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