Audition 786 (A to Z Apt 101, Kalyan Complex Versova) – Fraud ,cheat and threat to life

Auditions 786 has cheated with us by giving flase information that my daughter will easily get role in films serials and adds but after paying registration charges of Rs 1000/ deposit of Rs 24000/ and cheque clearing and service charges of Rs 1100/ but just to fool us they told us to come to mud-church for one day shoot and gave us 6000 but after deducting 24% of it to their bouncers as security charges we were left with sum 4550 and then promised us to give another role in films but then after they first not ans our calls but when we gave police threat to them then they told to deposit One Lakh Fifty Thousand in cash or more Thirty Five Thousand as service charges and security charges .But when we denied to pay then they strated giving threat that they will leave their security on me .

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