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Hello, My name is Soumya Chatterjee. I joined Auscan Technologies India Private Limited on 20.03.14 along with 4 other friends of mine. Now as per the norms of the company the salary cycle is considered as 21st to 20th and our salary date as per our offer letter is 7th – 10th of every month. On the first month i.e. April we were given 12days of salary (March 20 – March 31) but it was delayed and we received it on 21st of april instead of the date mentioned above. After that we worked two more months and technically is still employed by the company. But till date the company owe us close to 2 months of salary which they are not paying. We have tried to contact our Process Manager, Mr. Mrinmoy Basu and the directors of the company Mr. Tabish Ehsaan and Mr. Subhojit Sengupta as well as the MD Mr. Surajit Sengupta but they are plain and simple ignoring us giving lame excuses and ignoring phone calls. Our company has a proper registration and I have all the details of that and my employment as well as my attendance. Till date they have shown no signs of paying the due salary. Another major issue is that our office location is at Webel More, Sec V whereas the directors dont visit the place anymore and they stay at Asansol which is quite a distance for us to travel and beg for our salary. We all are in terrible jeopardy. I saw your website and immidiately mailed you. I hope you will contact me ASAP and provie the apt solution to this issue me and my colleagues are facing. We haven’t launched any police complaints because we are fearful that they might use a corrupted way of fixing that up and our money demands goes in vain.. PLEASE HELP US! EMERGENCY!

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  1. Dear Soumya,
    These guys have done the same thing here in Dehradun City. They offered good salary packages but did not pay any salaries… we have also filed police complaint. we even dont have photo of any of the boss.
    we need help if you can secretly provide us pics of any of these guys… we will be very thankful to you.