Avana Garments & Fit Makers – Paid for purchase but was not delivered and there’s no response from their site.

They have a facebook account also ( Avana One Kurtas ).. This is the messages i sent to them before making an order and after payment… i still have the payment receipt with me… there’s no response from then with my later inquiry bout the undelivered of my order… i sent them comment in their FB photo, they delete it… if they can delete my comment sure they would have notice my messages.. Please help me to get back my money.. Thank You

Sharmilla Visha
I try to make an order thru ur fb page… but failed
So hw can I noe ur acc no n hw do I confirm the order n once payment made?

Avana One Kurtas
Hi. You can place your order here,
Details needed are: fullname, address, contact number( for shipping purposes only)

Avana One Kurtas
Payment will be received by our marketing manager:
* Your order process will start once we’ve received your payment
Once you’ve made the payment, kindly inform us.
Kindly make payment within 2 days from today as all invoices are computer generated,
other wise it will be canceled automatically. TQ

Sharmilla Visha
Okie… noted… juz one last query… will the saree look exact as the pic?

Avana One Kurtas
Hi. Yes, the saree will be exactly as per picture. Tq.

Sharmilla Visha
I juz transferred RM 199 into the maybank acc
Ref no : 1822791942
I ll inbox u the receipt in a while sis

Avana One Kurtas
Hi. Thank you for your payment. We will check & get back to you. Tq.

Sharmilla Visha
Thankz to u too

June 25

Sharmilla Visha
Hie ter can I noe wen will I be getting my saree?
June 28

Sharmilla Visha
Hie… Can u please update me bout my purchase.. Tq
July 4

Sharmilla Visha
Hie again… Please reply to my message… I ve made the payment for my purchase on the 14th June 2013 but still havent receive my saree… n didn’t get reply from ur site for 2 of my previous message… can u let me know when will i be receiving my saree. Tq
July 6

Sharmilla Visha
Please reply to my previous messages regarding my orders or return back my money… wen i inquiry bout ur orders u guys replied my messages but once the payment done and asked bout my orders there’s no ans from ur site… i’ll give u guys 1 more day if ter’s no reply i’ll have to go diff ways to get my money

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  1. i wish i had made some research before making my order, it been 1 month i still haven’t received my goods yet, and my messages are being ignored

  2. Dear all,
    Its good that u guys did complaints here.luckily i didnt purchase wardrobe from avana one kurtas.one thing that makes me feel suspicious when i read comments in facebook at each album, can click ,its only avana one kurtas replies from peoples who made queries.so i decided not to buy anything,until i search complaints of this liar in google

  3. All of you please make legal complaint online at malaysia consumer website. I just did. There is no use talking here and we wont gain anything. Lets ban this people from cheating more people. Amd once u made the complain mail them saying u just did it.

  4. I recently bought 2 Trisha sarees from Avana Garments. I received the sarees with no problem. I even recommended to My friends.
    My friends received their dress also. i’m not sure wat happen here. but my shopping experience with had no problem.

  5. I guess this website is clearly known for( Consumer Complain) not consumer satisfaction. Whomever has received your item, I’m glad n happy for you.If you can help us out in any way to reach them we will be very happy. Here we are struggling to get back our money n some of you are commenting that they are good n so on. If you guys are very concern on their reputation, please inform them what we are posting here. If they are genuine they will get back to us.Thank you

  6. Last year i purchased a Anarkali suit from Avana Garments for my wife. I received the suit in good condition. Was happy with the quality also.
    After that i have purchased a few more kurtis. all received in good condtion.

  7. Dear Shantinz do u think we are so free n simply posting about this scam.sorry they refuse to give any contact no neither address. If u think u can help us out pls pass the contact info. One should be responsible if anything should go wrong in their business not cheat our hard earn money…

  8. All my orders with Avana got delivered promptly. You cannot call this a scam. This is not fair. As a business things can go wrong. I have many times spoken with them. I suggest you contact Sheila.

  9. Hi there let me Share the same experience happened to me… Last year July 5th i transferred RM380. up to date nothing i received from Avana One Kurtas. Moreover they blocked me when i told them ill make police report. They are really big cheat please be aware of Avana One Kurtas .Will update the conversation history later.

  10. i got cheated by them too around May 2013. Its about RM480.00. I transfered to the same KRISH KANTHAN maybank account. However police report has been lodged against them.
    Thinking what else can be done to get our money back.

  11. Hello I have the same problem. They told me the dress was delivered to my country but I never hear from them after that. I have been sending numerous messages with no replies.

    Some one has to do something. My order # is 4988816730.

    I am seeking legal measures to settle this matter!