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Reported By: b ratan reddy

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AVM Logstics Warasiguda Hyderabad

Respected Sir, Sub: Complaint againt AVM logistics , Warasiguda – Secunderabad ; non delivery of household goods – cell No. 8801641116/7981117613/8121626361 – Reg. My daughter Ms Supraja put an ad in sulekha that she need courier service to send items from hyderabad to texas in USA. Narendra from AVM logistics , Warasiguda ; Contact No. 8801641116/7981117613 .has taken the assignment on 11.2.2017 by issuing receipt for Rs.81,000/- @ 280 Rs per kg, goods will be delivered door to door within 3-5 days at her residential address in frisco, tx , USA. Also agreement was that goods will be packaged by the courier company avm logistics itself. On 11th february at 11:30 AM, from avm logistics came and started packing all the items.,curtains, kitchen items, decoration items, carpets and puja items im 3 days for him to pack and then we can come and see the items before they get dispatched by air. The items were weighing 300 kgs maximum he took to his warehouse on 11th feb. He demanded that we pay for 300 kgs that day itself. After so much back and forth and having second thoughts to go with him, he reduced the price from 280 per kg to 270 per kg. So we gave him 80,000 Rs check and 1,000 Rs cash. Total we paid 81,000 since 300 kgs at the rate of 270 per kg will cost 81,000 Rs. He took the checques, all the stuff and left the place. He encashed the checks immediately. After continous calling to follow up on the goods, he finally told us to come and look at the items after 8 days(which is 5 days more than he initially said). We went on Feb 20th to him. He managed to increase the weight so much that with volume, even the carperts which were all only 78 kgs in all (actual weight) became 115 kgs when he billed us. He did lot of cheating in the process. Initially took the volumetric weight after the carpets were packed at the warehouse, it came to 84 kgs but later when we billed us he put for 115 kgs in the bill(an increase of ~40 kgs). Also, that day, total weight went to 400 kgs(according to narendra) from 300 kgs with lot of cheating he did by increasing thermocoal and increasing the length, width and height of the goods. So, we took out 1 more carton box of 30 kgs to home. This should make the total kgs to 370 but still he billed my for 400 kgs. That too at the rate of 280 Rs per kg. Also, per the kgs his boys weighed in front of everyone, the total weight was only 393 kgs and not 400 kgs and we then took out 30 more kgs worth carton box so it was 363 kgs in all. There are 2 issues so far and the above is only one part of the issue. Second issue is his words itself. He has not been able to keep up his words ever since he took away the goods from us. He promised on 11th Feb , 2017 that he will provide Invoice, Insurance and Tracking details in 5 days by 16th Feb, 2017 that he will send fedex air delivery ; now he says that items are in Delhi,. After that, we have asked proof for the items being in delhi. He sent after a long time a receipt which only has a sign in it that items are dispatched to delhi on 21st of feb and will take 7 working days to reach delhi. We were shocked with that. There was no stamp or any phone number also on that receipt. When i told him that i am concerned about the goods state, he said the items will reach tomorrow night which is 24th night to delhi. Then i asked if he will send the items to usa on 24th night to which he never replies. He keeps telling i need to wait a day. He does not have any idea of what to tell when the goods will be reaching usa. He is becoming a big concern at this point. He told he will send by air door to door by delivering the items at our residence with in 3-5 days and now its been 15 days and there is no idea for us where our items are and not even sure if they will come to usa and even if they if i will get all of them safely. I have prepared for gruha pravesham early march and narendra has made all my plans go waste. I am really worried about this person and his words. He speaks very sweetly till he gets the money and now money and goods are all in his hands and he is playing games. He is also telling sometimes that till we pay the remaining amount, goods will not go anywhere. He seems to be like a big cheater for us. So far he has not been able to keep up with any of the words he said. When asked about it, he is just not replying. Last, I have asked him about when he will send me the goods for which there is no response We are asking for Invoice, Insurance and transport details from the day I ; he is not providing the information . We request your good-self to resolve this issue and do the justice and see that goods will be delivered in USA. . Dr B Ratan Reddy Father of Ms Supraja Villa No. 66, Gummadi Prestige Park G. Pochampally Medchal NH Cell: 9849685350 Encls: Receipt for Rs.81,000 and Tansportst receipt issued from AVM logistics.

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