Avon packers and Movers – never higher Avone packers and Movers HBR layout Bangalore

Problems i faced with these packers

we have booked Avone packers and Movers HBR layout Bangalore ( contact Agent: Md. Haleem) for shifting my luggage from Bangalore to Hyderabad
I face lot of problems poor service and troublesome behaviour
1) Not given insurance papers, already taken the cost for the same
my induction got broked , not able to claim.

2) Asked for more money than what fixed as per discussions earlier ,
after my luggage got packed and loaded in truck and moved
clear black mailing clients

3) Missed my Helmet , viper broom and told to deliver me and i m following up from 2 months for my helmet
first 2 weeks no picking than blocking my numbers, after that i called from different numbers
everyday they told they will deliver tomorrow or coming friday again no result,

even i asked to deliver the same at bangalore to my friends house i will take when i come to banglore from hyderbad,
that also not done, every day same excuse we are busy will deliver tomorrow today and all
Really frustrated calling again and again.

4) Few things are not covered with gelatin packing and carton due to material shortage at home
promised me to pack it at there office and then send, nothing is done
all unpacked items comes without packing and few got broken.

Please never higher these packers this not A1 they Zero 0 , packers

7 feb

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