AWHO – Greater Noida – SERIOUS THREAT to Residents(DOG Menace & attack on Residents)

I reside in AWHO Society, today morning @ 08:20 am while leaving from my flat to backside gate(No.2), Inside the society three street dogs were chasing me very violently & ferociously and i was totally frightened. I am 35 years old and healthy person, even myself could not handle the situation lonely. Some of the persons came for help to chase the dogs away. Even then the dogs started attacking on us.
Last Month the same thing happened with myself and my 2 years old daughter in the park area.
I have complained the same to Security Gate also, but the complaint book is not available with them. I was informed to complaint in RWA office.

If the same case happened to elderly person or Children, it might end up in FATAL.

PLEASE ENSURE THE SAFETY OF RESIDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do the needful and SAVE Residents

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