Bangali baba 9928771236 – Chor money taker fake

myself joy. I just cheated by dhonghi baba named Bangali Baba.
he took my 1.10 lakh rs he is from jaipur and mobile number is 9928771236.
He gave me account number of sbi bank
holder name – sanjay sharma
acc no – 20121522474
branch – transport nagar jaipur
add – 74, transport nagar.

He is the biggest fake and if anybody is thinking i m lieing about him so i have proof. i have all the bank slips. if anybody wants proof i can mail him/her the slips via mail. my email id is [email protected]

If you seriously have problem call dr olokun. His email id is
[email protected] and website is

feel free to mail him or contact him, He is real man with power trust me. try him once on all kind of problems

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  1. Contact information:
    I’m talking about a guy called Dr Olokun. drolokunlove temple at gmail dot com

    Nigeria +234 81147 19819

    F R A U D. S C A M. F A K E
    He gave me his word when we first started all this that my lover would contact me on next Saturday. He pressured me in sending £1300 straight away so that he would not loose time. It’s been 2 months.

    Then everything changed. He told me about a ring that his gods needed me to have a ring He then charged me £4000 for postage. When I said this was way too much for postage he admitted that the money was to feed widows and children and not for postage.
    I then sent him £100 to send it Dhl but he used regular post, much cheaper.
    He gave me his word that once i received the ring, My lover would come back.
    Then he changed his story once again asking for £2000 to activate the ring…

    Can you see a patern here? Is it all about the money? Yes

    This man, Dr Olokun is a fake. He took £1400 from me and delivered nothing.

    He promised a refund but guess what, no refund.

    Be careful people he is a FRAUD.
    If you do not obey his gods and oracle… Which is to keep sending money, he says your children will die. This is such a scam. BE CAREFUL PEOPLE. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS MAN.

  2. Dr Olokun is the biggest scam and fake.
    He took thousands of pounds from me to bring back my lover with NO RESULTS.
    Each time we spoke he demanded more more.
    The last conversation we had was him telling me if I did not send him £2000 my children would die, God forbid.
    [email protected]
    00234 811 4719819