Banke Bihari productions – Fraud Company

Bank Bihari production House gives you a agreement saying that you have been selected in there serial and you have to deposit the amount informed by them in bank.

They asked me to give Rs.35000 in bank and I deposited. They have sent me agreement copy also.

Now after researching about the company I come to know that it is fraud. mr. neeraj Kumar/ Sanjay Mishra or Sanju are involved in this. Earlier they were doing the same thing in the name of Red Poison Company.
I have requested them to Give my money back, but im sure they will create some or other problem.

Mobile number is 07506641819- Sanjay Mishra. Don’t know they will deactivate this number. I just want my money back that’s it .

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  1. Please give me my money back I got stone instead of mobile….take it serious or else I’ll not leave u…. be alert