Bcoeco.com – Cheating of ordered Product

Reported By: Muruganandan

Contact information:
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

I have ordered for the 2 Nos of smart watch as per the given link “www.bcoeco.com/products/ztypychovariant=31398717227060” bearing Order Number (LLFD1697,) and paid $50(rupees 3786.16/-),but received the wrong product containing 2 nos. M3 brand watch and 2 Nos. i7 Bluetooth earphone.
When i asked for the correct product they refused the request and they said that cannot give the product which I ordered for since the postal charges are high and time consuming, so they offered me refund maximum of $18 with the received product, but the actual price of the product which is received in India for all 4 items together is $15 dollars only, and the price mentioned on the received box which is received is $10 dollars for 4 items.
I have stated all the things and had a mail conversation but they are so adamant and not ready to refund more than $18 dollars in i accept their offer. ” if i return the don’t accept the offer proposed by them then i need to return the item and they will return the amount $5 dollars less than the i paid for the product and they are charging $5 as the postal charges,even they are telling that returning postage charge also need to be paid by me they wont give compensation for that but this is against the refund policy of BCOECO (Customers will only be charged once for shipping costs (this includes returns); No-restocking to be charged to the consumers for the return of the product.),
If I return the product on my own cost and seeking refund money that will be great loss for me, i will be loosing around rupees 1500($21= $5 will be charged by the selling + Indian postal charges of rupees 1200 $16), i am really fed-up and very much disappointed, Please help me to get the lawful compensation for the issue.

Details Of the seller :
Name:Furong Yan
Address: Qiandama Peisong Zhongxin 6th Floor, Zibian #28, Suixin Creative Park, Shicha Road
Province: Guangdong
Zip/Post code: 510430
Country: China.

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  1. They are a bait and switch fraudulent company. You order a item, they send you a crap item. When you try to return they only offer like 30% back. Payees like PayPall, will look into it. Then the seller says they give full refund, only “if” you return it. So 1- PayPal consider case closed. But we know we can’t return it, it would cost more the the product. 2- PayPal knows it’s a scam but it’s a large part of their business. So in short your SOL. Now in my case, I opened a case with my CC company “American Express”. They could see it was fraud, and I received a full refund.

  2. Hey I ordered on December 2019 but I stil haven’t receive my product how do I get my money back nd my orders no.LLFD1039 I don’t know what should I do