Beam Telecom Pvt.Ltd – internet connection

We applied for the connection of internet Bmax399x6M1,Amount of Rs.2590/- against the Invoice No:317751,Sl.BT/NCR/21087 on 10-10-2013 through cheque.Till today i.e 23/10/2013 the connection was not actived to the server .
Regulary we gave the complaint to the customer care, the reply back it willbe resolved in 48 hrs,till today, it was not resolved.
With this circumstance, i told them to drew back the cable lying without use in premises and return back my money,they reply that it willtake narly Fifteen working days to return back.
complaint booked on TicketNo
1)11-10-2013 9969476– 10) 23-10-2013 10063524
they give the messageit resolved

2)12-10-2013 -do- and send the SMS to the No.8008150000
3)15-10-2013 -do-
4)17-10-2013 10021028
5)18-10-2013 -do-
6)21-10-2013 -do-
7)21-10-2013 10063524
8)22-10-2013 10021028
9)23-10-2013 10083644

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  1. I have requested to shift my beam connection from madapur to nizammpet area on 1st may 14. i amnot getting proper response from the customer support neither technical support. whenever i hva called customer support i m given a time frame that within 24 to 48 hrs it will be resolved. however, i m standing on 10th may 14 and my work is getting effected very badly due to this.

    1. Since from 26-03-2014 till now, I have call many times to resolve issue with cable broken and every time support person comes at 5:30pm.

      Beam Fiber service and support person are not providing good support and services, they have a very good policy after 6pm service person should not work. this told by support person

      Support person says: If you have any concern contact customer care to complaint, then he went off from my place.


  2. Hello,

    We apologize for the issue you are facing. Thanks for sharing your details with us. We will surely look into the matter and we will forward our request to the concerned department. Our team will get in touch with you ASAP. We will make sure that the problem will get resolved at the earliest.

    Beam Fiber