Bespoke Digital Media – No Training authorised by Bespoke Digital Media UK

This is to notify that Bespoke Digital Media UK does not authorise any kind of training. Bespoke Digital Media is a UK based Digital Media compnay and has no training center at Vaishali or anywhere else in India. Please forward all your complaints to [email protected]

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  1. I completely agree with this…as Digital media is a software development company not a training center.

  2. Kumar Kumud Gangesh

    I agree with this…

    Bespoke Digital Media India Private Limited is a creative digital agency with focus on Web Design, User Interface Design, Branding and Online Marketing based company only…..

  3. Yes, I agree with this. I have working this company last 1 year. This is the software Developments based company not Training Centre.


    yes, it does not deal with any training centre as i have worked with this CO and truely saying it was a great experiece so far in my career to work vd this CO which has given me a great exposure , where i have learn and build my career.

  5. Yes, I agree with this. and I have worked in this company and it does not provide any type of training although i had a great experience to work with this company.