Bhagini developer – Made fraud while selling plot

Bhagini Developer is one of the fraud developer, Sold the revenue(Agriculture) land in the name of BBMP ‘A’ Katha Land with Bogus and fake documents. After enquire about Katha in BBMP, this fraud came to out. Please provide the justice for the land owners of the layout.

we planning file a Criminal case against BOGUS, FRAUD and CHEATER developer and thought a lesson. These kind criminal stay to should be jail, After eating poor and middle peoples money these fraud are roaming out side with even guilty.

Anyone have other incidents or evidence pls share, it will be help full send this cheaters send behind bars.

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  1. Hi Sumitha,

    Please provide your contact details to discuss further on the mentioned site as I am planning to buy a plot with this developer.

    Thanks and regards
    Eshwar H