Bharat Matrimonial – PAID member are also fake “Bharat Matrimonial”.

PAID member are also fake “Bharat Matrimonial”.

Below is the details of that member:-
Name on profile:- Sonu Sharma
UK Mobile Number:- +44 79253 52524 (Got duting chat, this number is also available in whatsapp and u can see the pics, if available, as currently i am blocked by that number)
Number that is register to BM:- +91-96541 75978
MailID :- [email protected]
BM profile ID :-H5213872
Yadav Matrimony :- YDV315003

I came to know about the fact about after 1&1/2months, when i asked some of her pic and when i searched for that pic in google i found that, this pics are of some high profile girl “SWATI VERMA” who is an anchor in delhi.

When i explained the truth, that member stops communicating with me.
We always have a chat on yahoo messenger.
On her profile, she has posted that she is a Doctor and permanent resident of UK and her profile is created by some of her friend in Delhi.

After giving the full details about that profile, it is deleted from BM.
I go to the police station also to file the FIR so as to track that member as it comes under the cyber crime, but no ones files and fir, one said it is your personal issue and another said, nothing has happened to you so why to worry and it is very small case.

It is very easy to track such member, i have the phone number, ip address, and mostly that member is paid member (BM can give the details only after legal process and only to police not even me as i tried)

The big problem is they(Matrimonial sites) make the authentication of the user via mobile number and via voice call and nothing else. And their sites are full of fake profiles, either male or female.

Photo Used in BM Profile

Photo Used in Yahoo Messenger

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  1. Dear Mr.Satyendra,

    We regret for the inconvenience.

    With reference your complaint dated 4th Oct, 2014 to [email protected], we already suspended your profile. We will forward your complaint to our legal team and revert on priority.

    Team Customer Care