Bharat Matrimony – Sloppy / Pathetic service of Assisted Matrimony – Over-zealous and Pathetic Sales Personnel

Hi, I am making this formal complaint to highlight gross negligence and malpractices by your personnel:- I would request anonymity 1. Your sales professional are over-zelous pathologically when they have to acquire any payment but exactly the opposite happens once service has been subscribed. Your sales professional adopt dirty tricks like repeatedly calling other family members like by calling at landlines while the instructions are very clear call the mobile numbers and within certain timeline. This think they do to exert pressure on the person (as marriage is such a sensitive and must thing in our society) to extract payment. ( The name of the professional was Sushma boss of Suparna Nath, I think she should be suitably coached and taught about the nuances of customer dealing) 2. Also your professional for assisted matrimony in this case Rohan Chandra didnt give suitable service, in the first week he gave 1 profile/ week only while Sushma after her due-diligence said that they would be able to give min 4 profiles very week. Then he said change the photo and virtually stopped giving any profiles for almost 2 week till the photos were shared, he could have kept on giving profile but could have held back from applying till new photo were given. So basically he used the lack of new photograph as a means to not work for 2-3 week (in a subscription for 3 months which is 12 weeks) Is that justified? Also when I followed up with him he became bit active in giving profiles, but again around Durga Pooja he slowed down and then as we asked his for some info of profiles in more than one occassion he talked about not being well and will give the information later. And after giving such sloppy service he again became active just before end of subscription and had the audacity of asking for renewal of service. He needs be coached about how one’s job is done. One may or may not find a match but the effort from your professional was lacking or wrong due diligence was been done by Sushma.

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