Bhutani Cyberthum – False commitments for calculations of booking price of unit

Reported By: Babita Aggarwal

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Bhutani Cyberthum Noida

We have booked an Food unit measure 257 sq ft with Bhutan at Cyberthum in the name of Babita Aggarwal in May, 2021. Mr. Samkit and Ms. Shivani contacted us as sales representative of Bhutani Group for Cyberthum. They offered us mega scheme offer of upfront discount at the time of booking for assured returns. Our upfront discount was calculated for the period of 17 months and it was calculated till December, 2022. We have all confirmation, discussion and calculation for total booking amount. We paid Rs. 5,00,000 immediately as confirmation of booking of unit. We chased Bhutani team for almost 3 months for official documents for total cost and agreed terms. We were told by sales team that there is some calculations error, so it is taking time to get approvals. Meanwhiile, they increased our cost with Rs. 30,000 saying the error. We agreed for this. We got email from Bhutani for payment of Balance 40% for unit, while we dont have any clarity on the calculations. But when we do the reverse calculations, we got the same numbers and we paid 40% of demand. We got BBA from Bhutani in August, 2021, where we observed some mistakes. Reference of assured return was missing in BBA and also the calculation of our unit was wrong. We followed up sales team, CRM and Bhutani team for almost 5 months. Now, we are in January,2022 but our issues are not yet solved. Bhutani team has simply took time for 1 week-2 week- this month-this week.

Finally we sent email to Bhutani CRM for said issues. We got reply from CRM that our calculations are based on assured returns of 24 months, while for us it 17 months. We shared documents of the calculations at the time of booking and told all the facts of the issues. Followed by multiple exchange if email with Ms. Mishra (Manager-CRM) Today, we received one small email from Ms. Mishra (Manager-CRM) that “Since your BBA has been executed, now you can discuss or take final calculations from your respective sales person also as per Mega Offer”. First thing that we have not signed BBA yet but as per Mishra, because BBA has been issued from the CRM department, it has been deemed executed irrespective of the terms mentioned and accepeted or not by buyer.

Second, indirectly they simply denied to look into our issues and guide us to discuss with Sales team whereas we are dealing with Bhutani group not with sales team. We have paid amount to Bhutani Group, not to sales team. Is this is responsive behaviour from CRM of an leading builders. CRM knows that sales team has done something fishing but they are trying to escape. Sales team is not responding to our emails. Now, whom should I contact? This is a serious fraud by sales team and builder. Sales team has made wrong commitment and confirmed our booking based on mis-statements of calculations and Builder is ignoring the fraud that they don’t know about this. As a principal, Builder is liable for false commitments and mis-communications.


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