Bhutani Cyberthum Noida – False committments to deliver project, No reply on AR which were calculated as per past possession dates

Reported By: Amit

Contact information:
Bhutani Cyberthum Noida NOIDA

I want to raise a complaint against the Bhutani cyberthum Noida Project team that they are not genuine developers who keep transparency with their investors. Their CRM dept is useless and do not reply properly. They are only bothered about issuing demand letters to customers but they never talk about new RERA-approved extension dates, they do not talk about assured return calculations which were made in the past and now those dates are already crossed. I felt that it was a mistake to invest and trust in their sales team. The sales team will keep calling you till you book unit and give them advance but now its been two years i have been keep calling them but they do not pick up my call. where we should discuss and raise legal complaints against them, recently their office is raided by the income tax dept, i am sure there must have seen something fishy that why raided them.


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