bigbasket – big basket sells expired products risking health of customers

This is regarding my order (Order No: BGUO-9221149-120416); placed at which consisted of Amul Lassi one litre tetra pack.
I will also like to mention that Amul Lassi pack was provided by big basket in unfreezed or room temperature was at room temperature in this summer on arrival from big basket unlike the other milk products delivered by big basket in past.

Which means it was kept in big basket warehouse in un-refrigerated condition which might have already damaged or spoilt lassi for consumption.

I immediately put the lassi in refrigerator;

I consumed little lassi the next day when I had food poisoning; I had vomiting and stomach ache and when I referred to family doctor he told me that I have food poisoning;
I checked date of packaging of product: Amul Lassi (tetra pack) which was more than one month old and might be unfit for consumption. The date of packaging of product sold by big basket is more than one month old proving bigbasket sells expired products to customers.

I am not sure that this was due to bad product sold by Amul or is it fault of BIG BASKET.
I had a painful and trouble all night and so want to take this to food safety and adulteration department.

The Lassi is barely used and is 90% still in the one tetra pack; and can be investigated.

My family members are witness to my trouble caused by food adulteration or damaged lassi being provided by big basket causing food poisoning and vomiting.
Shame on big basket, shame on Amul.

Consumer details:
Amit khurana

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